Here’s the schedule of hosting for Blog Round Season 2: Voice of the Filipino Doctor. Blog rounds will be running on a weekly publication, though the dates of publication will be determined by the host. The rules of engagement is here.

  1. Doc Remo’s Orthopedic Logbook
  2. Doc Gaya An Adventure Called Life
  3. Doc Sonia Last Minute Madness
  4. Doc Mel The Philippine Daily Idiot
  5. Doc Cherry of Merry Cherry
  6. AnaKat MD The Saga Continues
  7. Doc Gigi The Last Song Syndrome
  8. Dr. Ian of So Far So Good
  9. Prudence MD Hanging by a Stethoscope
  10. Brian Scrubbed Out
  11. Doc Buboy Cebu MD
  12. Doc JA Ripples form the River of My Thoughts

The following MD bloggers have not yet been scheduled, but I’ll be including them once they join our blog rounds again!

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