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Geez, a not so easy job. Coming up with a blog rounds hosting schedule is well, challenging. But, since I have no choice but to assign (any admin takers pls?) one host each week for the rest of TBR season two, I came up with this (not so genius)  list. I simply got the ordered host from the commentators’ list in this post.  Again, please be reminded of our hosting schedule and guidelines!

And for those who haven’t read yet the new guidelines…

  1. The Blog Rounds edition host each week shall be chosen at least 3 days prior  to posting of the call of articles. Adherence to hosting schedule is very much encouraged.
  2. Call for articles for the upcoming TBR edition should be posted on the host blog by  6:00PM PST of Sunday
  3. Blog articles for carnival are due by 11:59 PM PST Friday the same week.
  4. The Blog Rounds round up of posts will posted on the host’s blog, 12NN Saturday the same week after the call for article post.
  5. Send the host- blogger for that edition (schedules are listed here) an email containing the title and url link to your post.
  6. One entry per blogger.
  7. Short, recent posts between 200 and 300 words are preferred, but we’re not banning dissertations should you insist.
  8. Posts are to be written for a general audience and may be medical or non medical, depending on the category or topic chosen by the host blogger.
  9. The host blogger has the sole authority and responsibility of choosing the topic, announcing them, receiving the contributions, proof reading it, and posting them as he/she deemed fit for his/her topic of choice.

So get ready with your themes and your article contributions to our weekly TBR! Lets rockin blog!!!

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