The First Ever TBR Bloggers EB at Serendra The Fort!

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I’ve been to The Fort (Taguig) some years back for a class mini reunion and party. I still remember walking along a dimly lit, but paved road flanked by mostly vacant, half finished buildings. Taxi ride is nearly non existent then, especially at night. I have to wait for almost an hour just to get a taxi!

That was five years ago. The Fort, now less spacious and “taunting” a well manicured park (was it really a park I saw?) of some sort,  is reminiscent of the booming  Greenbelt of the late nineties ! Tagging along Joy, another “foreigner” to this place, we feel lost in a somewhat distantly familiar place.

“Where on earth is Serendra?!”

Uh, by the way, me and Joy is about to join other medical bloggers for The Blog Rounds Mini EB. Megamom has volunteered to arrange this EB and was practically cajoling everyone to come,  meet, dine,and have fun with fellow TBR bloggers.

“If only we can find Brazil restaurant…or Serendra”…

“Let’s go that way!” I excited nudged Joy towards a crowded portion of this spacious, stacks of buildings. “Just ask the guard, dude!” quipped Joy.

Just about 30 steps east we found Brazil Restaurant– a fine looking restaurant known for its mouth watering buffet and endless barbecue slices!. Megamom and Louell are already “warming up” their muscles of mastication. After introducing ourselves, we settled down the table, got busy with our plates and went on with the sumptuous meal..

Doc Harry and Doc Gigi came in halfway our meals and endless “joking around”.

Exchange of blogger stories, ideas, news and almost everything else started pouring in.  So is the never ending barbecue slices of Serendra.

“You have to turn that yoyo upside down so the waiters and waitresses will stop feeding us with barbecue cholesterol.” Ugh!

The one thing I liked most about bloggers is their endless “pond” of ideas. “Pond” that never “dry” up!

Doc Joey and her  hubby came in when we were on our second meal serving. Yup, no dessert yet. The hilarious parking mix up by Doc Joey‘s hubby (near market market) made us all laugh. Obviously, Doc Joey and hubby got lost too, in the Fort‘s maze, looking for Serendra.

 The Blog Rounds EB at Brazil Restaurant, The Fort
(Clockwise, R-L: Doc Joey’s hubby, Joey MD, Bone Doc, Harry, Louell, Megamom, Gigi. Not in this photo is Joy, who volunteered to take this picture)

Doc Tess Hey texted she’s coming to this EB too. Somehow, she never showed up and  we all wondered why. “Bakit nga ba?”

Not around also were Docs Manggy (who had to fetch someone at the airport)  Doc Prudence, (suddenly called for duty) , Doc Mel and Che  (who are not around Manila during those times).

The EB went on with ideas for the upcoming TBR Summit! Here are some of the resolutions we agreed upon during the EB. Pinay Megamom  promised a full account of the meeting and tasks assignment for this summit.

  1. There will be a TBR summit summertime (April-June) next year (2008). The date, place, and full summit topics will be decided on by the Org Comm, Bloggers next meetings.
  2. The organizing committee will be composed of those who attended the EB plus any other volunteers form the TBR bloggers’ pool.
  3. Those who weren’t around EB will be given special assignments. (TBA by Megamom)
  4. Part of the TBR summit resolution will be some sort of medical blogging ethical guidelines (akin to hippocratic oath in medical blogosphere?).
  5. TBR bloggers will be encourage to contribute topics for the summit and suggestions will be great appreciated. In fact, some TBR editions will be devoted to this.

I’m still waiting for Megamom to post details of the EB meeting…

“Kain pa tayo!” Indeed we (me actually) ate to (over)indulgence. We had great time and fun, meeting other sane minded medical bloggers. Thanks to Aileen and her anonymous EB sponsor!!!!.

And to those who weren’t there at the EB, watch out for your summit assignments and better be there next meeting. Doc Manggy promised to cook for that meeting! Our chef, will no less than the Best Food Lovers/Blogger awardee of Phil. Blog Awards!

Dr. Remo-tito Aguilar co-founded #HealthXPh. A board certified orthopedic surgeon, he is Chief of Clinics at General Santos Medical Center and Medical Specialist II Orthopedics at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. Dr. Aguilar is a healthcare social media evangelist and writes his medical musings at The Cast & Curious (