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Blogging up there, somewhere.

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I’m publishing this blog post a bit late. I can’t stand not writing about a blogger friend and defy her preference for “slipping away” silently. Goodbye blogger friend. We will miss your blog posts, your writing and your knack for demystifying music to us, cold souls. Goodbye fellow bone doc. Even if we rarely had…

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It’s personal but not too private: Why Are we stuck with writing and blogging? (TBR:VFD II First Ed)

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We love to write, no question about that. Like Doc Stef , most of us would love to write the Anais Nin way: To write. To sit down with pen and paper, to think, and rethink, and put your thoughts in order…with nary a thought for whether your current piece is going to be “popular” or…

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Stuck with writing in the age of blogging.

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Blogging is expensive. The time, money and effort you invest on it, is capricious. On many occasions, I and a hundred or so human being would ask this writer, what good will blogging bring? Money?Fame?Better English?Save the world? If you’re following my blogs, you would know by now, that I have totally none , zero, nil, of those.…

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Why am I stuck with writing?Or blogging?: The Blog Rounds Season 2 starts!

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Why are you pounding those keyboards on your computer to journal your thoughts , experiences and maybe, your wisdom? Are you stuck? With the explosion of other more convenient and uber popular social medium like facebook or twitter, it’s common nowadays that I get annoying questions like “You still blog? Why not just shout it…

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Thing(s) that we do outside our clinics…

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One thing I always do whenever I get this “blogger’s-duh-moments” is read what my fellow docs write  or see what they’re up to in their blogs. A kind of stalking yes, but believe me, their stories are pretty inspiring. Busy schedules aside, some write ups and post reveal a lot about their preoccupation outside of…

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