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Stuck with writing in the age of blogging.

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Blogging is expensive. The time, money and effort you invest on it, is capricious. On many occasions, I and a hundred or so human being would ask this writer, what good will blogging bring? Money?Fame?Better English?Save the world? If you’re following my blogs, you would know by now, that I have totally none , zero, nil, of those.…

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Why am I stuck with writing?Or blogging?: The Blog Rounds Season 2 starts!

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Why are you pounding those keyboards on your computer to journal your thoughts , experiences and maybe, your wisdom? Are you stuck? With the explosion of other more convenient and uber popular social medium like facebook or twitter, it’s common nowadays that I get annoying questions like “You still blog? Why not just shout it…

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Thing(s) that we do outside our clinics…

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One thing I always do whenever I get this “blogger’s-duh-moments” is read what my fellow docs write  or see what they’re up to in their blogs. A kind of stalking yes, but believe me, their stories are pretty inspiring. Busy schedules aside, some write ups and post reveal a lot about their preoccupation outside of…

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