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Ironic absurdities for Bonedoc: A Mini-Series of some sorts…

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Last night when I was reading Bongi‘s blog (Other Things Amanzi), I came across his brutally hilarious (but freakishly realistic) post on (his sort of) “surgical principles”. Bongi is a general surgeon based in South Africa and though I see striking similarities between our “surgical worlds”, I found the guy’s witty and humorous ways of…

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Going under a knife to mold a surgeon

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I must admit.I’m a bit compulsive and freaked whenever a close person get sick or will undergo a surgical procedure. In our family, I’m the only medically “knowledgeable” person. Being a  the medical guy in a family is a whooping responsibility. Yes it is. The three or four surgeries my mom and sis went through…

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How much weight should kids carry on their backpacks?

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I overheard this conversation over one radio/tv show that made me gulp in disbelief. Probably pressured by parent’s questions regarding how much weight should kids carry on their bags going to school, the lady anchor asked one orthopedic surgeon from a known celebrity hospital in Manila. Frankly, I found the good surgeon’s answer a bit…

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H1N1 A (Swine) Flu Infects the (Philippine’s) web

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Nope, those quarantined people in Vicente Soto Memorial Medical Center (Cebu, Philippines) are just “suspects”. No confirmed cases yet in the Philippines. At least, that’s what our quick responding health secretary Francisco Duque III is telling the nation. Despite the virus’ inability to spread biologically online Swine flu frenzy in Philippine web is exploding. And…

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Web and health 2.0 : What is web 2.0 to us physicians?

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I’ve been asked several times by colleagues and friends alike what do I get from blogging and joining social networks as a physician-surgeon. My honest to goodness answer was, I’m dabbling at web 2.0 tools to enhance my practice, my delivery of health care and sometimes, earn from sponsored ads. I get blank stares when…

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