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Some horrendous claims of herbal supplements may kill you…

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It’s not only irritating to hear horrendous “cure all” claims of some food supplements manufacturers and advertisers about their “drug” but the lack of advertisement control also nauseates me to no end. The sickening charade of food supplements jumping out of nowhere and claiming to heal all kinds of human afflictions thinkable (just so they…

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Perspectives on blogging by Filipino Medical Bloggers:- TBR 13th Ed

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(Updated:Prudence MD, “I Think Therefore I Blog”) Subtitle: “The Long Overdue 13th ed of The Blog Rounds”!Introduction:Medical bloggers is a diverse subclass of “online” writers. The attempt to characterize their individual personalities and the topics they write often end up in inconclusive and even more confusing results. Blame it on the different backgrounds, socio-cultural factors,…

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Leveling the playing field on badminton courts and professional practice

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I’ve been playing badminton for almost a year now but never enjoyed any other sport as much as I enjoyed whacking shuttle cocks now. I have long accepted the limits of my innate athletic ability. But when my fitness level went off scale after med school and residency, I went berserk in panic search for…

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I "heart" the Philippines: The reason I’m staying…

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Loving the Philippines is not exactly the most popular addiction nowadays. The myriad of reasons (financial gains tops these reasons) for us to “pack up our things” and go somewhere else is all too alluring. “Hearting” the Philippines (as Doc Ian would aptly term it), is a costly fling I should say-one that is volatile…

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