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Sixth Edition Blog Rounds: Philippine Healthcare, why is it far from the ideal?

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Philippine Healthcare: Why is it Far From Ideal?This 6th edition Blog Rounds’ theme attempts to put forward an analysis of a problematic( is it?)healthcare system that has long been tackled, but never successfully addressed. One of the biggest stakeholders in “the solution” to such problem, the doctors may offer some valuable insights in the final…

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At A Crossroad: The Blog Rounds 3rd ed is up at In the Middle of Nowhere

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(The original picture in this post is owned by Kenny Gulley, entitled The Storms of Life, was removed upon the owners request, depicts a man at a “crossroad”) The thousands crossroads we face in our daily lives. Who makes these crossroads? Who serves us the options? Why do we have to face it? What makes…

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The Orthopedic Logbook on Physical Fitness and Conditioning for Mountaineers

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The author with a few trekking pilgrims to Mt. Apo, post for a group picture while at camp at the highlands of Makalangit, New Israel. This camp is considered station 10 of the long, arduous station of the cross climb towards Mt. Zion-just north of Mt. Apo The “holy week” is of special interest to…

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The Blog Rounds First Ed at The Orthopedic Logbook : History of Medicine in the Philippines Made Ridiculous Hilarious!

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“Before the diagnosis, there is diagnostics. Before the diagnostics, there is the physical examination. But before anything else, there is the history”. This algorithm is the universally accepted and scientific method of diagnosing a disease in the medical world. One process may be concurrent with the other, but the whole algorithm is useless without knowledge…

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