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Training Perspectives Part I: Dummies guide to surviving an Orthopedic pre-operative case conference

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It’s never a pleasant experience for me, as an attending, to see a resident tremble in front of the consultant staff, his pre- op case vanishing in room air and his morale at the level of the floor mat. I was in the same undesirable instances before, as any resident would be, not a long…

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Research presentation time again!

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Research, in any field of study, is as important as the field itself. Research has enormously improved our way of treating our patients, even in orthopedic surgery.Thus the Philippine Board of Orthopedics required every resident to come out with research before any resident can graduate from any accredited institution of training.In our institution, it is…

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Desirable traits of a good (or excellent) surgeon

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What makes a good surgeon?This is a common question that comes into the mind of patients whenever they choose their surgeons or physicians to entrust their life. There are probably a hundred of these “desirable” traits but they generally fall into “categories” of surgeon attitudes and are definitely interrelated. Medical school (and residency training) attempted…

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