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A Perspective on Non-Compliant Patients and the Contractual Doctor-Patient Relationship

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I have long been an advocate of a no refusal, admit all patients policy for physicians . Any physician is bound by his Hippocratic oath and the law to treat any patient (within the bounds of his skill and expertise) whatever the circumstances of that patient will be. The physician also has the social responsibility…

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Where’s health and education now Mr. President?

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I had mixed feelings after reading the text of  your recent State of the Nation Address (SONA) Mr. President. On one part, I got excited when you detailed some of what many of  your countryman (which you gracefully called your Boss) knew years ago- corruption is rampant among many of the government agencies. That however,…

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Top Five Health Care Priorities Needing Immediate Positive Action

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Health care issues that have been there before he ascended into office. Pres. Benigno Aquino III, my president, if health is one of your top two (other is education) thrust for governance, these are the issues that needed your immediate attention and resolution. Realistic, workable and universal health care reform policy that covers ALL the…

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