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Orthopedic Casting is an Art

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Orthopedic casting is the procedure of applying an encasement, usually made of plaster,  to hold a “reduced” fracture in place until bone healing is confirmed. For orthopedist, casting is a must learn skill during training. Most prolific orthopedist I knew and emulate are masters of orthopedic casting. In fact they consider “casting” as an art. The…

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Close call on rehabilitation

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In the past, I work closely with rehabilitation physician in the course of treating my patients.  Since I went into private practice  in the province though the lack of a Rehab physician in my area pushed me to learn and give rehabilitation regimens to my post op patients. What i discovered first was not really…

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Last in, last out….

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I’ve always been strict about time. I make it a point to be on time whenever my presence is needed. Or I’m I don’t go to any appointment or meeting at all. During my residency training  that obsession with time worsened. I get edgy when someone else is late for a meeting or something. Even if the…

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Orthopedics six years after residency training, what now?

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I just came back from an orthopedic fellow’s convention and the Ruby Anniversary (40th) celebration of my former orthopedic training institution. Aside from the maxed out celebration with former (tor)mentors and alumni, I got one serious question unanswered afterwards- What now? Seeing the glorious past of an iconic institution, and sensing the current status of a…

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