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Web 2.0 tools and its (possible) use in medicine

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The application of Web 2.0 to medicine spawned the term Health 2.0 and Medicine 2.0. While the use of web 2.0 tools in medicine is quite unclear, recent research on internet usage among one population is revealing. One third of the American population said they’ve used the internet for queries related to medicine and healthcare.…

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Obstacle to Health 2.0 in the developing nations

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A few minutes after finishing my previous post, I stumbled at one article citing the difficulties of physicians  in the developing nations in taking advantage of the internet to improve health care delivery. To quote one response from this article in an EBM Journal. All of this science sounds really good, doctor, but I practice…

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Web and health 2.0 : What is web 2.0 to us physicians?

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I’ve been asked several times by colleagues and friends alike what do I get from blogging and joining social networks as a physician-surgeon. My honest to goodness answer was, I’m dabbling at web 2.0 tools to enhance my practice, my delivery of health care and sometimes, earn from sponsored ads. I get blank stares when…

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Ebola Virus Reston Strain in hogs: Should we be alarmed?

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Frankly, to some degree, I am. Had it not been for an item in one newspaper and Google Health Maps, I would have left this story to the epidemiologist and infectious disease experts and enjoy Pacquiao’s glamorous boxing stints. But this news pinched an area of my curiosity. Pigs in three Philippine hog farms have…

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Mandatory Return of Service for Professionals: Closing the Pandora’s Box?

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In an unprecedented and controversial move, the UP College of Medicine (the state’s subsidized premier medical school) through its UPCM College Council,  approved overwhelmingly the proposed Return Service Mechanism for its UPCM graduates during the council’s March 11, 2008 meeting. (See the details of this new UP Medicine Admission Policy here).  UP College of Medicine…

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