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Diamonds in the Rough:National Search for Young Doctors in the Community Setting

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It is a search for unsung heroes in the medical field today: those who choose to serve the ones who need it most, by immersing themselves in the depressed, neglected, under-served communities in the country. Of unsung heroes we have a thousand of them…Of Filipino doctors serving the community, they are our “Diamonds in the…

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Hip or Knee surgery have excellent long term outcomes

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We knew these long term symptomatic relief (quality of life) offered by total joints surgery for quite sometime already. But why isn’t it given as an option to osteoarthritic patients 65 years old and above is not clear either. This study (” Joint Replacement Surgery in Elderly Patients With Severe Osteoarthritis of the Hip or…

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Leveling the playing field on badminton courts and professional practice

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I’ve been playing badminton for almost a year now but never enjoyed any other sport as much as I enjoyed whacking shuttle cocks now. I have long accepted the limits of my innate athletic ability. But when my fitness level went off scale after med school and residency, I went berserk in panic search for…

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