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Are patient “proxy measures” helpful in assessing the quality of care rendered by a healthcare professional?

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Patient measures health care effectiveness by making comparisons of what physicians do against what they understand, of what they “experience”. In short, patients uses proxy measures- a reasonable default because often, the complexity of medical science baffles even the best of its practitioners.

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Silence of the Labs

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In the age of shared decision making medicine, patients like Emma are still too shy to ask their physicians about their conditions and treatment. What causes this obstacle is uncertain even to physicians themselves. What is sure though is the added costs- duplicating work ups, consults and even treatments, such simple “silence” could bring affront.

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Social Media Concepts for HealthCare Professionals

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Privacy in this digital age, is but an idea, a context within a bigger public space. Social media post are never entirely private, but you have the power to minimize information leaks especially if you are a healthcare professional. Your online self is just a reflection of your offline self. The doctor offline is the same doctor online. The public will always perceive it as such. Social media conversations are human conversations. Minus the context, it has the attributes of human conversations on a digital platform.

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