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Top 5 reasons why Filipino physicians (might) embrace social media in healthcare

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Read about social media “push” in healthcare? HealthXPh has been nitpicking social media and emerging technologies in healthcare since 3 months ago. HealthXPh got the attention of the medical community but most physicians in this country still shun social media in healthcare. Why? There’s a myriad of reasons for this but the evolving digital health environment show telltale signs of social media knocking at the doorsteps of healthcare in the Philippines. Here’s some compelling reasons why the Filipino physician might embrace social media in healthcare.

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Post-mortem Yolanda: Donations and mobilizations

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No exact figures yet, not even words or phrase comprehensive enough to describe the devastation brought about by typhoon Yolanda. What’s clear to me is this; the devastation is more than enough for me to donate and mobilize for the victims of this typhoon. Donate It doesn’t matter how much or how many.  Donate any…

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Why Talking about Money is Taboo among Physicians

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[dropcap1]D[/dropcap1]octors talk about medical stuff many ordinary people will cringe and consider foul. Stuff like STD’s or bloody eviscerations get discussed lengthily without them missing a bite of their breakfast. When discussion shifts to money matters however,  you’d hardly get discussions beyond few sentences. Here are the top  reasons why:[check_list] Doctors don’t want to be heard…

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A doctor in the family

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I too believe that having a physician member of the  in the family offers some distinct advantages. The best example of course is the relatively access to healthcare professionals. Medical information, drug prescriptions, when needed are easily obtainable. With a physician relative, navigating through the maze of complex healthcare system seem a bit more bearable for the average patient. Such advantages though…

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