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Are digital devices depriving healthcare professionals of their much needed sleep?

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In its most recent tweet chat and hangout on air,  #HealthXPh discussed “Distracted Doctoring“- healthcare professionals and patients getting distracted by digital devices and social media while at work. Whatever the causal factor is, no patient wants a distracted healthcare professional. HCPs do not want a distracted patient either.  That was straightforward from last week’s discussions. But what if, the “distraction” happened outside of…

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Should doctors give their cellphone numbers to their patients?

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In the few years I have been into practice, giving mobile contact number to a certain set of patients improved doctor-patient interactions and reduced overheads in the clinic.  In several provinces here in the Philippines where landlines are nonexistent,  the advent of mobile phones and SMS technologies provided easier and faster communication between physicians and…

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