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Patient centric healthcare technology, anyone?

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As a physician I have my armamentarium of healthcare tech to help ease out the burden of practice, but have none to unburden my patient’s charade. This often bear much on my decision to order (or not) a diagnostic procedure, a referral, a prescription or even follow up. Patient’s rarely comply because, as a matter fact it takes more than just the patient to go though this burden. Not even us physicians. We can cry foul, or technology sucks. But patients, they rarely have..

So patient centric healthcare technology anyone?

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TEXThink My Juan 2 Send!: SMS as a communication tool in healthcare

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Having one of the fastest growth rate for mobile technology usage, text messaging is a major part of social communication in the Philippines today. Text messaging  allows  fast transmission of information.  It minimizes time wasted in call back protocols predominant in the era of telephones and pagers.  The growing, interconnected telco coverage spheres or bubble…

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Is There Value to Social Media in Philippine Health Care?

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In the January 11, 2014 edition of #HealthXPh’s tweet chat and Hangout on Air,  #HealthXPh community discussed the value of social media to healthcare. Dr. Iris Thiele Isip-Tan (@edocrine-witch)   nicely summed up what transpired during the tweet chat in her blog  The Endocrine Witch. As a follow through, I’m writing my responses here in the context of Philippine…

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Jan 4, 2014 #HealthXPh Tweet Chat and Hangout on Air Topic Responses

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It was a happy day of surprises for the #HealthXPh community as it officially launched the tweet chat and Google Hangout as platforms for health collaboration. For a community less than a month old, #HealthXPh’s tweet chat’s upsurge of activity (we hit 560+ impressions!) delighted us to no end. Big thanks to our friends and…

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