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  1. Hi, Remo!

    I hope this finds you well…

    My name is Sam Cabrera. I am part of Switotwins and we are currently launching the presentation site called (we curate quote collections by experts in their respective fields).

    We’re putting together a post titled:

    The 20 Award Winning Blogger’s List Their Favorite Philippines Inspirational Videos

    As you can imagine, it’ll be a list identifying the blogger (with a link to your blog) along with the quotation.

    As a blogger myself – in my opinion – it would be awesome to feature your Favorite Philippines Inspirational Videos in this list…

    All you have to do is reply with one of your favorite Inspirational Videos url

    (to avoid duplicates, and see who else is participating you can check out this google doc:

    I hope this seems like a cool thing to be a part of. Hopefully it’ll provide you some extra traffic down the line…

    Thanks for your time! I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sam Cabrera and Gloryrose Dy

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