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Why you should not be your parent’s (or any other relative of yours) physician

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Ugh! (photo from here)

It’s hilariously difficult to even get an IV line inserted. “Jesus, are you going to pin prick me to death?

Or get a good symptomatic history. ” I had my stomach pains and vomiting since 10:30 but I could handle it till 1:00am so you can bring me to ER” She was dehydrated by then.

They have their own diagnosis. ” I only ate small amounts of pancit…maybe its my UTI!” Maybe. But her blood sugar is also 290. With some signs of dehydration..

And their treatment : “ I’ll just lessen what I eat so as not to perk up my sugar

And discharge plans: “I’ll go home tomorrow, where are you?

They also can be your chief of clinics :”When are you going to see me? Who is my doctor, what time will he be here??“..

Ugh, well. I just resigned my job and endorsed my patient! I’d rather just be, “the Son”. Good luck doctor!

Dr. Remo-tito Aguilar co-founded #HealthXPh. A board certified orthopedic surgeon, he is previously Chief of Clinics at St. Louis Hospital in Tacurong City and a consultant in Orthopedics at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. Dr. Aguilar is a healthcare social media evangelist and writes his medical musings at The Cast & Curious (


  1. @sheng, even if you're not a doctor, its kinda hilariously difficult to provide healthcare advise to someone related but senior than you….but well, thats family I guess…

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