Improving Quality of Care with Quality Time in the Clinics

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Two weeks ago, a patient walked into a clinic and asked if he can be accommodated for a consultation. It was for a non emergent complaint but the patient lives in a far flung community that a “reschedule” would be costly for him.  There was already a line up of patients scheduled for consults and follow up that afternoon. Some of these patients are also scheduled for a procedure after the clinic hours. Based on this doctor’s regular outpatient clinic load, his staff estimated they might be extending clinic hours that afternoon.

Since the physician have scheduled procedures that afternoon and was already seeing patients beyond estimated “quality time”, what do you think should doctor do without jeopardizing the quality of care rendered in his outpatient clinic? Will he see this patient and shorten up the time intended for the other patients or just extend his clinic hours thereby extending also the waiting time for patients who are decked for procedures?

Share your thoughts as we again “crowdsource” feedback of physicians and patients on “Improving Quality of Care with Quality time at the Clinics”  in our tweetchat and HOA tomorrow 10 AM Manila Time (UTC + 8) April 27, 2014 here at #HealthXPh

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  • T1 What factors determine optimal patient consultation time?
  • T2 How can patient waiting times at clinic be reduced?
  • T3 How can time at the clinic waiting room be better spent? CT: As a patient, what do you think should this doctor do? As a physician, what will you if you are in his position?Why? [/su_box]

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