Announcement: Major changes to The Blog Rounds

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(I guess everyone in the TBR bloggers list has received an email from me regarding major changes to the carnival . If you haven’t gone one, email me back so I can include you to the TBR mailing list.)

The Blog Rounds is indeed expanding! This MD blog explosion vis a vis TBR has been so rapid, I’m actually overwhelmed by the response. However, with the overwhelming response, comes the problem of having to put some “organization” on it to run “smoothly”.
I like TBR as it is today- free flowing ideas, beautiful write ups, interesting topics and a relaxed atmosphere of friendliness online. And like everyone else at TBR , I am so amazed by the diverse interests and ideas of the blogger contributors!

(Okay, enough Bone! Say what you want….)

I have set up an emailing list for TBR bloggers-contributors, named at Yahoo Groups for the following reasons:

  1. Announcements, major changes to the guidelines, dates of submission and hosting schedules.
  2. Newbie member introductions
  3. Birthday greetings and other important life events of TBR blogger contributors!
  4. Comments and suggestions for TBR itself.
  5. No Spam.No Spam. NO Spam. Believe me I have been barraged by TBR wannabe bloggers cum poseur who are actually porn site owners, spammers, and viagra sellers! So lets spare our mailing list with such!

I knew everyone else is very particular with their online identity, their emails and spam. I am too. I have set up my email filters for this (I’ll post a how-to on this soon) but some still land in my inbox while other true TBR contributions land on my spam folder. Hence, some of them got deleted.

One thing though, the mailing list will not be the venue for posting your articles and submissions full text! Post should remain in the bloggers blog so readers will have to read and comment there. The mailing list will not be an aggregator site of posts and or some sort of RSS reader.

So if you guys are amenable to this or you have any suggestions, please email me at kokegulper[at]yahoo[dot]com with the words “The Blog Rounds” included in the subject.

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