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It’s personal but not too private: Why Are we stuck with writing and blogging? (TBR:VFD II First Ed)

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We love to write, no question about that. Like Doc Stef , most of us would love to write the Anais Nin way:

To write. To sit down with pen and paper, to think, and rethink, and put your thoughts in order…with nary a thought for whether your current piece is going to be “popular” or not –The Anais Nin Way, Last Minute Madness

If there’s one thing that brought us all in front of our computers and online, that is the urge to write. They have papyrus before, parchment papers and lately the mighty pen. Type writers became synonymous with writers in the 60’s and towards 80’s.  We, we were borne in the age of the internet. Writers get stuck with writing, but

Blogging as my platform

their platform evolve, if you believe what I say:

I happen to be born in the age where blogging is the platform..- Stuck with Writing, in the Age of Blogging, The Orthopedic Logbook

Blogging might have evolved into a microblogging platform like tweets and status updates.  None has so far came near the huge space (and the Nobel Prize?) that blogging has to offer, in keeping a (online) journal, as Doc Mel says. remains true to the ideals of keeping a paper journal…-WHY ARE WE STILL BLOGGING? (Got my cross-hairs on the Nobel Prize), The Philippine Daily Idiot

What about blogging then?

Cebu MD's "house" online

It’s very personal if we ask Cebu MD, “it is like my house, online”.

I can do whatever I want with it and put my personality with it. I can choose the layout that I want. I can put the widgets of my choice. I can even monetize my blog..-Why I’ll not stop blogging even when there’s FB and Twitter, Cebu

Doc Ian has turned his blog into a “life’s time stamp and online picture frame”

..capturing and displaying snapshots of daily events and once in a lifetime triumphs. It’s a record of what has happened, events that may ultimately be forgotten if they were not written about..-Why I Blog?, So Far So Good

Wanna Say Something?

We blog because we wanna say something.

I felt like I had something to say- Words and Life, An Adventure Called Life

I Blog therefore I am

Something about anything, everything and sometimes, nothing (Like Doc Ligaya‘s first post).

I blog to voice out, rant, shout out and say to the unknown audience what I think about the things I write about and the world we live in.I Blog Because I Am :Scrubbed Out

Often that something is about ourselves, our thoughts (I write because I think ), egos (right Doc Anakat?), frustrations (get off me!) or floating thoughts.  We may not care if somebody reads or listens:

I don’t care if I have a loyal following on this blog. I’m not doing this for any audience- Blogging for my Ego, The Saga Continues

Because at times, we wanted our blogs to be our mirror- a reflection that wouldn’t punch us in our face when we call it “stupid”. No not the one we get on Facebook that invades our “wall”, our privacy. Sorry Doc Cherry, you can’t delete your blog.

Oh, yes we  blog to the advancement of the human specie- environment, political, scientific or religious. We blog whats close to our heart, like Doc JA‘s pro life advocacies,

To give a show of support to a cause very close to my heart: the pro-life movement.-Why I Blog the Way I Do? Ripples from the River of My Thoughts

Yes, maybe.

We felt we have a voice wanting to be read by the millions on the internet. Even if there’s virtually zero readers on your RSS feed, we still feel good because we thought we said something to advance a cause, or halt an avalanche of deviants. A Nobel prize? At least that, we can do in our blogs.

Why not on FaceBook? On Twitter? me old-fashioned. Blogging is like being in a coffee shop with a friend. Communication is unhurried, you can both stay up all night, and go home to your respective places without one needing to know what the other person wears (or does not wear, perhaps) when sleeping…-Why Blog When It Is As Obsolete as MIRCThe Last Song Syndrome

Personal, but not too private. The blog is such a thing.  You can build it to your taste, show it to everyone (if they wish to) but they should never, ever write on your “wall”.

I just realized then that my blog survived the ‘delete’ button because unlike everyone else, no one can create my posts, much less, immortalize my thoughts in here. In this page, I am the boss of me.- You Call It Narcissism If you Like : Merry Cherry, MD

I would agree. We love to write for a a myriad of reasons or none. We were born in the age of blogging. Our writing evolve in it. Revolutionary in the early days. Then we stuck with it even if it fades away. Why? We want it to be personal, without someone else tinkering with our privates, or our “wall”. No body wants someone else to write in his wall, like in this video.

Would you? I would prefer you’d write your comments below, and not on my wall!

(This is Blog Rounds: Voice of the Filipino Doctor Season 2 ,First edition. Whew, It was both fun and challenging! Thanks to you all who joined! And those that didn’t, join us in our next rounds!)

Dr. Remo-tito Aguilar co-founded #HealthXPh. A board certified orthopedic surgeon, he is Chief of Clinics at General Santos Medical Center and Medical Specialist II Orthopedics at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. Dr. Aguilar is a healthcare social media evangelist and writes his medical musings at The Cast & Curious (

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