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I am as excited as anyone knowing these physician bloggers joining TBR. The Blog Rounds is just on its third edition and new blogger contributors are already joining! Let me introduce them one by one.

Plugged into the net since BBB‘s was the “state of the art” social networking, Midnight Rainbow‘s fascination for technology and internet didn’t “die” with the phasing out of Wordstar or the 14400 bps modems. Even after she got her MD or landing in what we might call a full time part time jobs- “corporate slave, private practitioner and educator”, Midnight Rainbow remained wired into the net.

I am amazed at how much online information has been continuously changing medical education and medical practice, how the internet enabled colleagues from all over the archipelago share experiences in patient management and more importantly it showed the rest of the world that we’re human too – MR, in Blogger MD (Shouting My Whispers to the Universe)

Blogging this time, she hopes to learn something new from TBR, a very cool way of exchanging ideas in the internet.

Epistomologica, a nom deguerre of a hema-oncologist recognized for some of his literary masterpieces, writes about anything that touches his heart– medical or otherwise. I once “harassed” this guy around PGH for some co-manage patients. Blogging his way through medicine, his practice and personal life in Numinous & Epistological, Doc Noel went back to practice in the Southern Mindanao area still thinking about babies, bulbuls and bonsai.

Mercifully, my practice is oftentimes punctuated by what others call “sought after distractions”, those ephemeral, almost irrelevant activities that offer nothing more than transitory lull from the customary course of oscillating hope and despair in the face of losing something in one breath and finding another in the next.- Epistomologica in Babies, Bulbuls and Bonsai Trees.

And now that I am back in the hinterlands of Southern Mindanao area (geographically within a stone away from his hometown), I am quite sure, I’d be bugging him again, this time about TBR!

Kat MD, blogging at The Saga Continues, tries to slow down the fast paced medical life with blogging.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt and attempted to have a journal that eloquently accounts both the significant events of my life as well as my random thoughts. But life happens faster than I can chronicle it- About me, AnaKat MD

Planning to go abroad in the pursuit of providing for her family, Kat MD hopes to go back here someday. I’m pretty sure her ideas and thoughts will keep the fire burning at TBR!

I got ballistic when Doc Emer of Parallel Universes expressed his support (read his comment) for TBR. Known to be one of the few “first” and probably one of the more famous Pinoy MD bloggers around, Doc Emer has been with every medical blog rounds in the net . And hosted it. Thanks Doc Emer!

I’ve been stalking (logbook totting she said) Em Dy for quite sometime now, plugging TBR in her very popular blog Pulse. I’m glad we got her in (thanks Doc Claire), before I cross into the obnoxious realm of having to spamblog her!TBR is greatly indebted to Em Dy for her list of Pinoy MDs who blog, that spawned the current list of TBR bloggers. Read this intro note in her third ed entry

Although I rarely talk about medicine in this blog, as I’d like it to be my recovery room, I’m making an exception in this case. Dr_Clairebear of the Middle of Nowhere has invited me to At a Crossroad, the third edition of The Blog Rounds, spearheaded by the orthopedic logbook toting Bone MD (whose invitation I really couldn’t ignore anymore)- Em Dy, Crossroads and Crossed Roads

I have seen and read some of VGSamsons blog post at Beyond Borders: The Lei Si Chronicles . Notwithstanding her claim of being a back seat blogger, her ideas and contributions on so many issues affecting her life, medical or otherwise will undoubtedly spice up discussions at TBR.

So, my near-impossible antisocial tendencies nonwithstanding, I wish to signify my intention to join TBR3.-VGSamson, Joining the Blog Rounds: Is this for real?

VGSamson, you’ve been given a front seat here at TBR!

The medical, political and blogging icon, Doc Martin Bautista who blogs eloquently at On My Way Home also expressed his willingness to join TBR 3rd ed! Welcome to TBR brod!

Monster MD also promised to join TBR . We are very much looking forward to your entry and contributions to TBR!

There it goes, the new infusions to The Blog Rounds! Doc Claire, Ill forward you their third ed entries.

For those unaware yet, The Blog Rounds is a weekly compilation of the best in Philippine’s medical blogosphere, written by physician bloggers (or the medically inclined bloggers) and hosted on a participating blogger’s weblog. Archives and edition schedules ( plus the host blogger) are listed here. The next edition of TBR will be up this Tuesday, April 1,2008 7am PST.

Physicians and medically inclined bloggers interested in joining this blog carnival, please contact me through my email kokegulper[at]yahoo[dot]com or any of the participating TBR bloggers. Guidelines and updates are posted here in my website, The Orthopedic Logbook.

Dr. Remo-tito Aguilar co-founded #HealthXPh. A board certified orthopedic surgeon, he is Chief of Clinics at General Santos Medical Center and Medical Specialist II Orthopedics at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. Dr. Aguilar is a healthcare social media evangelist and writes his medical musings at The Cast & Curious (