State of internet and social media usage among physicians

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State of Internet usage among physicians globally

The emerging social media is undeniably capturing the attention of physicians. If we are to believe the recent Manhattan Research survey, some 81-89% of physicians in US, Europe and Asia access the internet to  gather medical and pharmaceutical information. A S and R survey recent survey on Sermo TM, an online community of physicians, approximately 77.5% of physicians use social media professionally, especially to communicate with colleagues. In Asia, physicians from South Korea is second only to US physicians in terms of internet usage professionally beating their European counterparts by as much as 7%!

What about physicians in the Philippines? Are they taking advantage of social media as a tool for their professional practice?

In my succeeding posts under the category “social media”, I will be attempting to report on the current usage of social media among physicians in the Philippines. But before that, let me post this JESS3 / The State of The Internet video from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo, which sums up beautifully the current global internet and social media use .

JESS3™ / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Overwhelming? Indeed it is. But what’s more interesting is the social media usage of physicians in the Philippines. Since some physicians maintain “profiles” on many online social networking sites, it would be interesting to know if they use social media in their practice. If you are a physician or a para medical personnel, do you use social media in your practice? Leave a comment here and we’ll know in my succeeding posts!

Dr. Remo-tito Aguilar co-founded #HealthXPh. A board certified orthopedic surgeon, he is Chief of Clinics at General Santos Medical Center and Medical Specialist II Orthopedics at the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City. Dr. Aguilar is a healthcare social media evangelist and writes his medical musings at The Cast & Curious (