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Lesser Surgeons?

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I’m amazed at how surgeons in provinces surpass the seemingly insurmountable odds besetting their practice. I’ve heard of horrifying stories regarding provincial practice during my training, that I sometimes wince at the thought that me too shall join their ranks soon when I get back to my hometown.  Then I got the first hand “feel”…

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Chief’s Notes:Life and death tasks and physician’s perception to change

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Amongst professionals around, physicians are slow in adopting to change. By change I mean adapting  innovative ideas to handle cases, concerns and issues. In our aim to effect innovative administrative policies and changes, I’m trying to understand the behavioral reason behind this “reluctance” to adapt among physicians. Many physicians are not inclined on taking risks, especially when…

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Reviving the physician’s administrative function

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Right. I almost forgot. The medical staff do have “dual” functions. The medical staff has a dual and overlapping management system- the administrative which involves the activities of a medico-administrative character, and professional, which concerns of the clinical aspects of its functions. The physician is typically absorbed with the clinical aspects of his profession and…

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