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Jan 4, 2014 #HealthXPh Tweet Chat and Hangout on Air Topic Responses

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It was a happy day of surprises for the #HealthXPh community as it officially launched the tweet chat and Google Hangout as platforms for health collaboration. For a community less than a month old, #HealthXPh’s tweet chat’s upsurge of activity (we hit 560+ impressions!) delighted us to no end. Big thanks to our friends and…

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Blogging up there, somewhere.

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I’m publishing this blog post a bit late. I can’t stand not writing about a blogger friend and defy her preference for “slipping away” silently. Goodbye blogger friend. We will miss your blog posts, your writing and your knack for demystifying music to us, cold souls. Goodbye fellow bone doc. Even if we rarely had…

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Of headaches and coughs

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Once in a while I get a break from purely orthopedic stuff and wield a stethoscope as a “general practitioner”. I used to like the general medicine as a student but when clerkship bombarded me at least fifty patients a day giving nothing but prescriptions and prayers as “medicines”, I resigned myself to cutting it…

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