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Should health care professionals in developing countries have a social media presence?

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The short answer is yes, they  should. Consider this: The Philippines, a developing country, is the social networking capital of the world. It tops the list of nations who uses Facebook. Or before Facebook, Philippines also topped the list of nations using Friendster. 1. Philippines > Facebook: 93.9% > Twitter: 16.1% > LinkedIn: 1.9% > Internet Use:…

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Why I threw a patient’s ‘counsel’ out of my clinic

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It’s not uncommon to see a patient or a patient’s relative bringing along some unrelated individual as “counsel” in your clinic. This counsel is unique among my Filipino patients and such counsel’s role has baffled me ever since I started my medical career. Roles, that to my knowledge broadly range from just plain ambulatory assistant…

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Reviving the physician’s administrative function

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Right. I almost forgot. The medical staff do have “dual” functions. The medical staff has a dual and overlapping management system- the administrative which involves the activities of a medico-administrative character, and professional, which concerns of the clinical aspects of its functions. The physician is typically absorbed with the clinical aspects of his profession and…

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