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Challenge and fun of developing a clinical pathway

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When evidence based medicine (EBM) came to the halls of PGH  during my residency training, I was one of those few who “liked” its surge because of its “collaborative” approach and  ‘standardizing” effect on treatment protocols for a specific disease.  So honing my skills on study appraisals was a consequential habit I gained even into…

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Should health care professionals in developing countries have a social media presence?

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The short answer is yes, they  should. Consider this: The Philippines, a developing country, is the social networking capital of the world. It tops the list of nations who uses Facebook. Or before Facebook, Philippines also topped the list of nations using Friendster. 1. Philippines > Facebook: 93.9% > Twitter: 16.1% > LinkedIn: 1.9% > Internet Use:…

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When surgeon shopping ends up with just facility shopping…

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“Hello! And again!” I happily greeted this patient sitting on my clinic chair. He smiled back , albeit sheepishly and said  “Sorry doc!” . “Don’t mention it, it is your right by the way”. I saw this patient about 2 months prior to this consult in one of my other clinic in another institution. He…

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