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Of headaches and coughs

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Once in a while I get a break from purely orthopedic stuff and wield a stethoscope as a “general practitioner”. I used to like the general medicine as a student but when clerkship bombarded me at least fifty patients a day giving nothing but prescriptions and prayers as “medicines”, I resigned myself to cutting it…

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Close call on rehabilitation

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In the past, I work closely with rehabilitation physician in the course of treating my patients.  Since I went into private practice  in the province though the lack of a Rehab physician in my area pushed me to learn and give rehabilitation regimens to my post op patients. What i discovered first was not really…

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Loyal patient watchers..

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I was doing my usual morning rounds last tuesday when a watcher of one of my patients approached me before I saw their patient in his bed. This watcher mentioned that someone went inside their patient’s room and asked questions that raised the curiosity of the family. The watcher spoke a different dialect and though…

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