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Emotions while treating a pediatric trauma case

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Of all orthopedic trauma cases I’ve worked on, my heart bleeds the most for pediatric patients. I don’t know but their helplessness and innocence always evoke this feeling of worry. Many pediatric trauma cases are often a result one adult, guardian or parents, gone remiss in guiding or understanding a child growing up. While many…

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Should health care professionals in developing countries have a social media presence?

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The short answer is yes, they  should. Consider this: The Philippines, a developing country, is the social networking capital of the world. It tops the list of nations who uses Facebook. Or before Facebook, Philippines also topped the list of nations using Friendster. 1. Philippines > Facebook: 93.9% > Twitter: 16.1% > LinkedIn: 1.9% > Internet Use:…

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Why you should not be your parent’s (or any other relative of yours) physician

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It’s hilariously difficult to even get an IV line inserted. “Jesus, are you going to pin prick me to death?“ Or get a good symptomatic history. ” I had my stomach pains and vomiting since 10:30 but I could handle it till 1:00am so you can bring me to ER” She was dehydrated by then.…

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