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Can I have sex after an orthopedic procedure?

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Many orthopedic surgeons rarely get this question from patients. For some who do, explaining “sex after orthopedic procedure” would be a daunting, if not an embarrassing challenge. One patient boldly asked this question on follow up, two weeks after his orthopedic surgery.  He has an external fixator on his right thigh and leg of his right lower extremity.To…

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Prison break

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Today, one of the longest overstaying patient I had finally went out of the hospital. Everyone gonna miss this jolly, friendly guy for sure. But he seem not happy. He’s being escorted out of the hospital and into a jail, for a crime he committed before he was admitted. Guess, he liked the ambiance of…

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Close call on rehabilitation

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In the past, I work closely with rehabilitation physician in the course of treating my patients.  Since I went into private practice  in the province though the lack of a Rehab physician in my area pushed me to learn and give rehabilitation regimens to my post op patients. What i discovered first was not really…

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“To heal is to make patients smile”

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In all my years of practice as a physician and orthopedic surgeon, it dawned on me that I get the ultimate satisfaction from patients’ “‘smiles” at the end of their treatment program. There’s no doubt also that I get extreme satisfaction from technical masterpieces of orthopedic work that came my way during the course of my practice. But there’s none yet so far, as equally as pleasurable and satisfying as seeing your patients beaming with a smile on the last day of your rehabilitation program.

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