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Metric Matrix: How should we measure the impact of social media on clinical excellence?

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Social media might be a way to improve healthcare. The challenge is to find a metric that will either confirm or dispute this hypothesis

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Part IV: Assigning SMART metrics to social media channels

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Ideally, there should be a standard of metrics to measure each of this social media channels. However, such industry benchmarks have yet to be standardized across a fast changing platform that is social media.  It all boils dow to what or how you (and your advocacy) define key metrics and should be at least “aligned” with…

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Metrics Matrix: Measuring social media success in healthcare

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The scientific community honed us to develop the habit of formulating research strategy and validation tools to measure outcomes. Social media despite being a relatively newcomer to healthcare, should not be an exception. There should be a way of measuring social media’s impact to healthcare or we lose valuable insights into how it played a role in shaping healthcare.

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