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Can I have sex after an orthopedic procedure?

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Many orthopedic surgeons rarely get this question from patients. For some who do, explaining “sex after orthopedic procedure” would be a daunting, if not an embarrassing challenge. One patient boldly asked this question on follow up, two weeks after his orthopedic surgery.  He has an external fixator on his right thigh and leg of his right lower extremity.To…

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Blogging up there, somewhere.

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I’m publishing this blog post a bit late. I can’t stand not writing about a blogger friend and defy her preference for “slipping away” silently. Goodbye blogger friend. We will miss your blog posts, your writing and your knack for demystifying music to us, cold souls. Goodbye fellow bone doc. Even if we rarely had…

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Last in, last out….

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I’ve always been strict about time. I make it a point to be on time whenever my presence is needed. Or I’m I don’t go to any appointment or meeting at all. During my residency training  that obsession with time worsened. I get edgy when someone else is late for a meeting or something. Even if the…

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Loyal patient watchers..

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I was doing my usual morning rounds last tuesday when a watcher of one of my patients approached me before I saw their patient in his bed. This watcher mentioned that someone went inside their patient’s room and asked questions that raised the curiosity of the family. The watcher spoke a different dialect and though…

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When surgeon shopping ends up with just facility shopping…

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“Hello! And again!” I happily greeted this patient sitting on my clinic chair. He smiled back , albeit sheepishly and said  “Sorry doc!” . “Don’t mention it, it is your right by the way”. I saw this patient about 2 months prior to this consult in one of my other clinic in another institution. He…

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