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Do you charge professional fees for additional procedures done to address complications or morbidity?

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This question was thrown on me recently by a newbie colleague who was agonizing on whether or not to charge patients for an additional procedure he did to address a complication. I instantly went blank thinking what to say. In the field of medicine or at least here in the Philippines, there’s really no hard and fast rules on…

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Notes to the knife II: The opposite of humility

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Again? Yes. Again and against.  I will write about humility in knife wielders until this amazement transforms into a virtue. In the professions of demigods, any opportunity to get enlightened on humility doesn’t come by so easily .  So when it knocks, one should not wait for two or three knocks before opening the door. …

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Mortal Lessons for a surgeon, my notes on the knife

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I rarely write book reviews.  For one, I don’t read reviews myself before reading any book I’m interested. Two, I  usually end up not flattered of the books I’ve read, something like bitin and wanting for more. Thus, recommending (or not) any book I’ve read is difficult for me. Before I got into med school,…

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