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Should I get an iphone or an itouch?

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I’ve been a gadgeek (gadget freak) during Nokia and Palm OS heydays and frankly, I ‘m happy getting over such expensive gadgetry addiction years ago. But when I lost two cellphones in one instant just recently, I was tempted to dwell back at gadgetry once again while  thinking what smartphone to buy for personal use. Losing two cellular phones in one instant is like being hit in the head by a baseball bat twice in one swing. But looking at it as a hell yeah! opportunity for diving into gadgetry (again) is courting an idiopathic gadgiosyncrasy. Another bad habit to break. I think.

Anyhow, the answer to my title-question dawned on me during one meeting with senior colleagues . They were discussing iPhone apps, in their daily life and practice.  While I love getting “cobbs angle” in x-rays of scoliosis patients using the reliable, old goniometer-pencil method,  I feel like crap when someone else comes forward and aims his/her iphone at the x-ray plates to get the cobbs angle in less than a minute.

“There’s an iPhone app for that sir”. I felt the age (technology) gap was on me. Yes, my old method will do the same thing, but at such speed and efficiency? I have to get one of those iOS frill.

which one would you get?

The iPhone and the iTouch both run on the same iOS so the basic difference is just the cellphone capabilities of iPhones. If you need constant net connection then you need an iPhone. Iphones  connect to your cellular network’s paid internet service for as long you have your network signal and even without a wifi conneciton. Itouch needs a wifi signal to connect to the net. The rest of these gadgets’ features (camera,HD etc) is basically the same. Most apps for iPhones works for iTouch too except those that need  a cellular signal to work, like the GPS inherent on iPhones.

I  don’t want my cellular phone mixed up with my iOS gadget. Iphones is such a hot stuff for kleptomaniacs in my area I might just lose it. Besides, I’m not comfortable using my cellular network’s expensive internet service. Most of the places I’m into have free wifi hotspots. So an itouch would really suffice. For now.

How about you? Whats your preference?

(Update July, 1, 2011: I now have both, an i touch and an Iphone. Now I’m finding use for both.)


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