Thank you for your interest in HealthSocial. Health Social was the former The Orthopedic Logbook.

I started Health Social  to blog about the noteworthy medical news and stories on the web and social media platforms. health Social  puts emphasis on positive, inspiring and forward thinking medical stories. Medical news that inspire people, ignites positive changes in the healthcare community and promotes an overall feeling of “health is wealth”.

About me.

I’m an orthopedic surgeon by profession. I was blogging about many stuff, including medicine, since 2007. I like going outdoors, photograph people or landscapes and tinker around computer stuff and gadgets. I love inspiring stories that ignite innovative ideas.  I like to talk too, but I’m striving to be a better listener most of the time.

If you have an inspiring medical story and you want it published here, contact me thru this page.

Again, Thank you!


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