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Patient Education via social media- what sticks and what’s (probably) fake….

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Advocates has long championed social media as a tool for patient education in healthcare. Social media was taunted to increase meaningful patient engagements, an increase health practitioners’ and patient collaborations that would result to improvements in the various facets of healthcare- from physician-patient relationships, quality point of care to increase in surveillance of less familiar…

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Debunking fake health news on social media

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Majority of adult Americans get their news from social media according to a recent 2016 Pew Research Center study. Roughly two thirds of Facebook users get their news on this social networking site, which translates to 44% of the US general population. Forty two percent of US consumers used social media to assist in their healthcare…

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How healthcare social media campaigns may improve provisions of health in a devolved health system

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The lack or ineffective social marketing strategy (supply side barrier) and lack of information on benefits and availment process (demand side barrier) are a few of the identified restrictions to the use of health services in complex decentralized health systems such as the Philippines. An effective social media campaign could narrow regional differences in the provisions of health and address these two barriers.

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