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Closing the Pandora’s Box: Mandatory Return of Service, A better solution?

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According to ancient Greek mythology, Pandora opened the “box” (actually a jar which Zeus entrusted but forebode her to open) because of one uncontrollable urge-curiosity. The opening of Pandora’s box released all “human evils” kept inside the jar by Zeus, except one human trait. (Pandora’s Box Painting by JW Waterhouse) In one striking parallelism, the…

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Mandatory Return of Service for Professionals: Closing the Pandora’s Box?

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In an unprecedented and controversial move, the UP College of Medicine (the state’s subsidized premier medical school) through its UPCM College Council,  approved overwhelmingly the proposed Return Service Mechanism for its UPCM graduates during the council’s March 11, 2008 meeting. (See the details of this new UP Medicine Admission Policy here).  UP College of Medicine…

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