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Why am I stuck with writing?Or blogging?: The Blog Rounds Season 2 starts!

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Why are you pounding those keyboards on your computer to journal your thoughts , experiences and maybe, your wisdom? Are you stuck? With the explosion of other more convenient and uber popular social medium like facebook or twitter, it’s common nowadays that I get annoying questions like “You still blog? Why not just shout it…

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Why you should not be your parent’s (or any other relative of yours) physician

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It’s hilariously difficult to even get an IV line inserted. “Jesus, are you going to pin prick me to death?“ Or get a good symptomatic history. ” I had my stomach pains and vomiting since 10:30 but I could handle it till 1:00am so you can bring me to ER” She was dehydrated by then.…

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How to use an RSS Reader to sift through thousands of medical information in minutes!

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Nowadays, the onslaught of medical information online pushes us sifting through voluminous “data” in order to to find important information where really interested in. In my case, Medicine and Orthopedics. Yes, it will probably take you days to skim over websites and blogs and what have we online if not for this RSS feeds and its beloved concubine- The RSS Reader.

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Facebook invades Philippines: Will health care capitalize on this social media?

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In my last post, I presented a research that summarizes the current internet usage of physicians, in the US, Europe, Australia and South Korea. It was a ” backgrounder” really, in my attempt to determine how many physicians in the Philippines use the internet and social media in their practice. But this data is really difficult to…

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Flashback: Blogging as a medium to spread health care issues and advocacies

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While still undecided what article to post first for 2011 , I read my first ever post in this blog. I was nostalgic and a bit in awe. I never really thought I’d come this far with just writing and posting my health care ideas online. More so, raise some eyebrows and grab attention to…

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